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Bellows for Elevating Platform

Our customers for Elevating platform bellows come mainly from the automobile, machine tool and medical industry. This allows you to open the cover for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Basically all other types of end-plates are possible. The mounting and installation of these elevating platform bellows is very easy. As standard equipment we offer a Velcro tape on each side.

Our Velcro tapes are tested and approved for 10.000 opening and closing cycles. Elevating platform bellows has become very popular and today is widely used in different industry branches. We are manufacturing it according to the requirement of the customer.

We often use metal end-plates on one or both sides. As for the increased safety requirements, we recommend a bellow protection for most types of elevating platforms. Due to to our long-term experience we can also offer a design with plates.



Stabilizing PVC frame in every fold because of the incorporation of PVC frames, ELASTIC bellows have extremely high dimensional stability. When elevating platform bellows are distorted, a return to the original shape is guaranteed.

Elevating Platform Bellows Technical specification :
FB - Width of fold FZD - Compression per fold  
FAZ - Extension per fold FStroke - Lift per fold  
Lmax - Maximal total extension Lmin - Minimal total compression  

bellows india

FB in mm (Inch) FAZ in mm (Inch) FZD in mm (Inch) FStroke in mm (Inch)
25 (0.98) 38 (1.50) 5 (0.2) 33 (1.30)
30 (1.18) 45 (1.77) 5 (0.2) 40 (1.57)
35 (1.38) 52 (2.05) 5 (0.2) 47 (1.85)
40 (1.57) 62 (2.44) 5 (0.2) 57 (2.24)
45 (1.77) 75 (2.95) 5 (0.2) 70 (2.76)
50 (1.97) 80 (3.15) 5 (0.2) 75 (2.95)

bellows india


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