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Fabric expansion joints are among the material options for systems that need to be able to accommodate changes in temperature and mechanical force. Fabrics can be manufactured out of a variety of materials that provide the right characteristics for the process in question. Fabric expansion joints are used in a variety of industrial processes, from the petrochemical industry to power generation plants.

Fabric Expansion Joint Construction

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Fabric expansion joints are manufactured out of several different materials. Some of them, particularly those that are used in systems where gas seals need to be provided, include Fluoroa Elastomer and Fluro plastic. Fabric expansion joints are also constructed out of rubberized materials, in some cases. There are a host of different materials used in manufacture, which expands the range of uses for which these devices can be employed.

Fabric Expansion Joint Function

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Fabric expansion joints function in the same way as do expansion joints made of metal but are better choices for some purposes. They are constructed with a bellows that allows them to expand or contract to accommodate changes in pressure. The bellow is constructed with convolutions that allow for this expansion. The flexibility of these fabric expansion joints allows them to accommodate deflection from any angle. They also provide vibration absorption and noise absorption for the system.

A.V.Ibrahim Fabric Expansion Joints

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AVI can manufacture Fabric expansion joints for any application. These joints provide one of the best solutions for low-pressure environments when pipes need to be able to accommodate the forces generated by deflection. AVI has a tremendous amount of industry and engineering experience that makes the company an excellent choice for any facility that needs these devices manufactured, installed or both.

There are some uses for which fabric expansion joints are simply the best choices available. These applications include processes in the petrochemical industry, desulfurization and more. AVI has enough experience in the industry to ensure that the parts that you get for your facilities are of the highest quality and that they are ready for the challenges that your particular processes entail. Larger components can be shipped in parts and assembled on site by expert AVI providing the assurance that your system is assembled correctly and that the integrity of your pipes, your facility and the safety of the people that work there is protected to the greatest possible degree.

 inside temperature as high as 1000 deg. C. Now Engineers prefer Fabric Expansion joints compared to Metallic Expansion joints because of We developed high quality Non-Metallic Fabric Expansion Joints from Heat Resisting Fabrics. These joints are suitable for duct following reasons. Fabric Expansion Joints can take more misalignment & vibration. Fabric Expansion Joints are easy to replace. Fabric Expansion Joints are easy to repair High temperature glass / ceramic fabric bellows are used where there is continues high temp. Application i.e. near furnaces. This materials with stand temp up to 200 0c to 1400 0 c & totally fireproof.

 Fabric expansion joints are the workhorse of many industrial plants, connecting exhaust system components to their adjacent ductwork. They are most commonly found connecting transport piping and exhaust ducts. These versatile, highly durable joints use a combination of PTFE/fiberglass thermoplastic fabrics and steel frames to create a flexible, highly durable deal between plant gas transfer components experiencing low pressure (up to 5psi) and high temperature (up to 2200F) flow conditions.A.V.Ibrahim fabric expansion joints are available in both round and rectangular configurations, as well as round-to-round or rectangular-to-round transitions. Accumulation pillows and baffle/liner plates are optionally available.
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